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SVG Images

Files ending in .svg are vector graphic files. A vector image is one that is not based on a pixel grid but rather on points, lines, curves, and polygons. Vector graphics are ideal for objects that need to be resized without any loss in quality. SVG is an open format, which means any piece of graphic design software can create and edit SVG files. Browsers can also open SVG files, and they are used quite often in web design. If needed, you can easily convert SVGs to raster files, such as PNG.

SVG to JPG Conversion

SVG files are pillars of web design. Being vector-based images, they can be sized to any dimension without losing any fidelity. While this is great for designers and web developers, it’s not so useful when it comes to sharing images with people who aren’t in those fields. This is why we highly recommend first converting SVG to JPG before sharing vector files with anyone or uploading vectors to the web. This will ensure that your images work on any device with any operating system and also ensures you won’t face problems uploading them to sites and apps. Our free conversion tool is incredibly simple to use: just upload one or more SVGs, download your new JPGs, and go about your day! There are no software downloads or watermarks, and you don’t need to give us your email, either.