PPTX to JPG Converter

Your PowerPoint presentation looks great, but can you upload it to social media? You’ll need to convert PPTX to JPG to do that, and we can do it for free!

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PPTX Files

Files ending in .pptx are a collection of slides to be used as a slideshow. Most PPTX files are created with Microsoft PowerPoint — specifically, versions released after 2004. Before 2004, PPTX didn’t exist, with PPT being the default format. PPTX files are more advanced than PPT files because they are XML-based instead of binary based. However, the formats are still incredibly similar, with both containing one or many slides containing text, graphics, images, and more. PPTX files can also be created, edited, and opened with other slideshow programs.

PPTX to JPG Conversion

There is no way to upload a PPTX file to any major social network. Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, and all the others will simply reject any PPTX uploads. If you want to share a slide from your deck, the easiest way to do so would be to convert PPTX to JPG. Our system can do this for you without downloading any software or dealing with watermarks. It’s 100% free and allows you to do as many conversions as needed. To start, upload a PPTX file. Our server will parse through this file and separate each slide. Then it will convert each slide into its own JPG. You can download those JPGs and then upload or share them wherever! This is the easiest way to ensure your social followers can see the slide deck you’ve spent so much time on, so get started with your free conversions today!