HEIC to JPG Converter

Your iPhone images are likely saved in the HEIC format, but that’s not as useful as JPG. Convert HEIC to JPG for free using our browser-based service!

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HEIC Images

Files ending in .heic are image files. One HEIC file can contain one or many images. HEIC files are sometimes labeled as HEIF files, although HEIF is a storage format and HEIC is an image format that uses HEIF. Regardless, the two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. HEIC is positioned as a better alternative to the JPG format because it can store higher-quality images with smaller file sizes. HEIC images are most commonly created by iPhones and iPads because Apple moved those devices to this standard in 2017.

HEIC to JPG Conversion

Modern iPhones shoot photographs in the HEIC format by default. This format, when compared to others, saves smaller files at higher quality. While that’s great, it’s not very helpful when you’re trying to share those images, as many operating systems will not open HEIC files without special software. To prevent the embarrassment of sharing a file that your recipient can’t open, convert HEIC to JPG first! Our free web-based tool can perform this conversion for you for free and without the need to download anything. Just upload some photos in the HEIC format and receive those same photos at a nearly identical quality in JPG. Don’t worry: our system does not watermark the photos. You can convert as many photos as you like without cost, so feel free to convert your entire collection!