DCM to JPG Converter

Do you have a DCM image? If you want to open it or share it, you’ll need to convert DCM to JPG. This online tool can do it for free!

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DCM Images

Files ending in .dcm are medical images, usually stemming from a CT scan, MRI, or ultrasound. Along with the body scan images, the file can also contain patient metadata. This makes it easy for medical professionals to view high-resolution imagery of body scans and learn about the patient depicted in those images. DCM files can also be saved as DICOM files, but they are functionally the same format. DCM files are not natively supported by most pieces of consumer software, but it is possible to convert them to more common formats, albeit without patient metadata.

DCM to JPG Conversion

If you or a family member has gotten an MRI or CT scan recently, you may have received a DCM image from your doctor. This file contains the imagery of the scans as well as other patient-related information. The problem, however, is that you probably can’t view this file, but you can if you convert DCM to JPG! Not only will this allow you to view the file on pretty much any computer or mobile device, but it will allow you to share it with others, too. Don’t worry: performing this conversion is totally free and doesn’t require you to enter any personal information. All you need to do is upload a DCM and then download a JPG copy. You can perform this conversion anytime and as much as needed without spending a dime!