JPG to BMP Converter

Increase the versatility of your images by swapping between file types. Our converter tool can quickly and easily convert JPG to BMP in seconds, right in your browser!

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BMP Images

Files ending in .bmp are bitmap images. These are raster-based images, meaning they are made up of a grid of colored or monochrome pixels. BMP images are very similar to JPG (or JPEG) images in this way. However, BMP files are generally preferred for preserving large amounts of pixel data in an uncompressed format, while JPGs are compressed automatically. This usually makes BMPs files larger than similar-quality JPGs. BMP files can still be compressed if needed, however. Bitmap images are in a well-documented open format, making them popular for programs and operating systems.

JPG to BMP Conversion

JPG images are widely supported by every single operating system, mobile device, and computer. However, there are some times when you need a different image format for your JPGs. If one of those formats is BMP, you need to check out our JPG-to-BMP converter! This free system can turn a JPG file into a BMP file with no perceptible loss in image fidelity. Don’t worry: there are no watermarks on the outputted images, no matter how many conversions you perform. There’s also no need to download any software, as our tool is completely browser-based. You have nothing to lose by giving the converter a try, and we know you’ll be excited about how fast and easy it is to perform your conversions. There are also no quantity limitations with this tool, so you can convert as much as you like!