CR2 to JPG Converter

Convert your raw image files to a smaller, faster, and easier-to-share format. Use our CR2-to-JPG converter to get compressed versions of your high-quality images easily for free!

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CR2 Images

Files ending in .cr2 are raw images captured using a Canon camera. A CR2 contains all the raw information captured by the camera’s sensor when the photograph was taken. These files are ideal for photo editing, as photographers can easily manipulate the imagery to make the photo look exactly how they envisioned it. The CR3 format has since superseded the CR2 format, so you’ll only see this file type from older Canon gear, specifically from before 2018. CR2 images can be easily converted to JPG for better sharing support and smaller file sizes.

CR2 to JPG Conversion

Photography created using the raw image format is ideal for professionals. It gives them total control over the final image during the editing process. However, raw images captured with Canon equipment in the CR2 format can be very large. Additionally, very few sites and apps will accept CR2 uploads. That’s why we highly recommend converting CR2 to JPG! Doing so will give you smaller files and the ability to share those images with people and websites. It is super easy to do this conversion: just upload one or more CR2 files, relax for a few seconds while our system does the work, and then download your new JPGs! Don’t worry about watermarks, giving us your email, or spending any money, as our tool doesn’t require any of that. You can even use it as much as you need since there are no timers or quantity limits.