JFIF to JPG Converter

If you have some JFIF photos from an old camera, you can easily convert them to a modern format for free. Just use our JFIF-to-JPG converter tool!

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JFIF Images

Files ending in .jfif are compressed images. In most cases, a JFIF was created with an older digital camera. Modern cameras save files in JPG format, but this was not always the case. JFIF and JPG images are very similar as they are based on the same compression algorithm. This makes it very easy to convert JFIF to JPG. However, most image software will natively open a JFIF file without first converting it. In Microsoft Paint, for example, you can both open JFIFs and save them as other formats, including JPG, PNG, and more.

JFIF to JPG Conversion

Back in the day, many standalone cameras shot in a format known as JFIF. This is an early version of the modern JPG format. While these files will likely still open fine on most operating systems, there’s no telling when the format will become wholly unsupported. You can prepare for that day by converting JFIF to JPG using our browser-based conversion service! All you need to do is upload one or more JFIFs, and our server will instantly turn them into JPGs. You can then download the JPGs and replace the old JFIFs — or keep the old files and the new files, too. Either way, you’ll have modern versions of the photos, which will make it much easier to share or upload them in the future, should that be necessary. This is a completely free service with no limit to the number of conversions you can perform.