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Your raw Nikon photos look great, but not many people can open your NEF files. Convert NEF to JPG for free, and make your images more accessible to all!

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NEF Images

Files ending in .nef are raw images captured using a Nikon camera. These images contain all the data captured by the camera’s sensor in an unfiltered form. NEFs are ideal for editing because photographers can adjust all aspects of the image from scratch. This is usually better than using the stylized JPG created by the camera’s software. NEFs are large uncompressed files, and it will be difficult to share them. Thankfully, it is easy to convert NEF to JPG, although this will reduce the image quality and remove an image’s robust editing features.

NEF to JPG Conversion

Professional photographers love raw images because they are much easier to edit. However, sharing raw photos with people who aren’t photographers is a bad idea because they likely won’t open on their phones or even their computers. If you have a raw Nikon photo, we highly recommend converting NEF to JPG before sharing your photos! This will ensure that anyone who gets the files can easily open them. Our conversion system works in your browser, so there’s no software to download. There are no watermarks, and there’s also no need to give us your email. Just upload your NEFs, convert them to JPGs, and go about your day! You can feel free to perform as many conversions as you need, as our free converter has no limits or timers.