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Shrink down your JPG files with no perceptible loss of quality using this free JPG-to-WebP converter! There’s nothing to download, no watermarks, and no signups required.

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WebP Images

Files ending in .webp are image files. Google created the WebP format as a potential replacement for the most popular image formats on the internet, which include JPGs, PNGs, and GIFs. As such, WebP files support the core tenets of those formats, including animations, transparency, lossless compression, and more. In addition, WebP files are smaller in size and offer more versatility. However, being a newer format, WebP hasn’t been able to fully replace the competing formats. This limits its support. For example, Instagram does not accept WebP uploads. Converting WebP to other formats is easy, though.

JPG to WebP Conversion

The WebP format is Google’s attempt to develop one internet image format to rule them all. Because of Google’s advanced algorithm, WebP offers similar quality as JPG but at a much smaller file size. You can take advantage of this easily by converting JPG to WebP with our handy conversion system! Our web-based tool is completely free to use and isn’t limited by timers or upload quantity maximums. Simply upload one or more JPGs, and our server will create WebP copies in seconds. You can perform this conversion as many times as you like free of charge. Don’t worry about watermarks because we don’t use them, and don’t worry about handing over your email because we don’t ask for it. Just upload your files, download your copies, and then go about your day!