JPG to PNG Converter

JPGs don’t support transparency, but PNGs do! Convert JPG to PNG using our free converter and turn your non-transparent images into a more flexible format.

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PNG Images

Files ending in .png are images. PNGs are raster-based image files, which means they are made up of a grid of pixels, with each pixel filled with one color to create a larger image. PNGs are a versatile image format because they support lossless compression as well as transparency, two things the other popular image format — JPG — does not support. Generally, PNGs are ideal for graphics-based images, such as logos, watermarks, icons, and other pieces of design. You can also use the PNG format for photographs, although JPG is more suited for this purpose.

JPG to PNG Conversion

While the JPG format is the most popular image format in the world, it’s not the most versatile. For example, JPGs don’t support transparency, so your images will always be rectangular grids of colored pixels. If you want empty pixels, you’ll need to convert JPG to PNG first. Our free converter can do this for you easily! Please note that this conversion will not make anything about your image transparent — you’ll need to do that in an image editor, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, all image editors will require you to convert a JPG to the PNG format first for transparency support, so this conversion is a necessary step. Luckily, our conversion tool is free, easy to use, and doesn’t feature any timers, watermarks, or quantity limits. Get started converting your JPGs today!