PNG to JPG Converter

Do you have PNG files for which you need JPG versions? You don’t need to buy fancy conversion software to convert PNG to JPG, as we can do it for free!

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PNG Images

Files ending in .png are images. PNGs are raster-based image files, which means they are made up of a grid of pixels, with each pixel filled with one color to create a larger image. PNGs are a versatile image format because they support lossless compression as well as transparency, two things the other popular image format — JPG — does not support. Generally, PNGs are ideal for graphics-based images, such as logos, watermarks, icons, and other pieces of design. You can also use the PNG format for photographs, although JPG is more suited for this purpose.

PNG to JPG Conversion

The PNG format is widely supported by all browsers, operating systems, social networks, and software suites. However, some places do not accept PNG uploads for whatever reason. If you find yourself having a PNG but needing it in JPG format, you can easily convert it for free using our PNG-to-JPG conversion tool! This simple, browser-based program asks you to upload one or more PNGs and then outputs those same images in JPG format. There will be no perceptible loss in quality and no watermarks, either. You don’t need to spend any money or give us your email address. It’s literally as simple as uploading a PNG and getting a JPG back. Feel free to use the tool as much as you like, as there are no timers or quantity limits.