JPG to GIF Converter

Turn your JPG into a still GIF image using our free JPG-to-GIF converter! You won’t get animation, but you will be able to upload it to places that accept GIFs.

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GIF Images

Files ending in .gif are images. The GIF format is versatile because it can be used for non-animated or animated graphics. However, because it is limited to just 256 colors, GIFs are not used much for photographs. They do work well for graphics, logos, icons, and other simple imagery. Over time, however, the GIF has become popular for sharing short video clips and animated graphics. GIFs can also be looped, which makes them ideal for placement on web pages. The compression algorithm for GIFs is lossless, which means compressing GIFs does not degrade image quality.

JPG to GIF Conversion

Nowadays, most people think of animated video clips when they think of GIFs. However, GIFs can also be still images. Since they’re so versatile, it’s actually quite easy to convert other image formats to GIFs. Our free conversion tool can do this for you by quickly converting JPG to GIF! Now, you won’t get animation with this conversion, as we won’t be able to turn your still JPG image into a moving GIF video. However, if you want to upload a JPG image to a place that only accepts GIFs, this is an easy way to get around that limitation. Converting your images is easy: just upload one or more JPGs, wait a few seconds, and then download GIF copies of those images! There are no limits to the number of conversions you can perform, and we don’t watermark images or ask for email addresses.