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Tired of your boring old Windows icons? Convert a JPG to ICO and use any image you can find or create as a Windows application icon!

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ICO Images

Files ending in .ico are application icons used in Microsoft Windows. Programs in Windows have an icon attached to them, which must be saved in the ICO format. These icons must be square with resolutions up to 256 x 256. In most cases, the developer of an application supplies the ICO file, although users can change them if they so choose. A notable exception for ICO files is the favicon.ico, which is an icon used for web browsers. This is not a Windows-specific icon and will be shown on macOS, Linux, and other operating systems.

JPG to ICO Conversion

The imagery for a Windows application icon is stored in the ICO format. This format contains the icon imagery itself as well as other information related to the program. If you want to change a Windows application’s icon, it’s really easy to do, but you need to convert an image to the ICO format first! If you want to do this, our free JPG-to-ICO converter can do it for free in just a matter of seconds. Simply find (or create) a JPG that you think would make a good icon and upload it using the form. Within seconds, we’ll supply you with an ICO copy of that image, which you can then attach to any Windows application. This service is 100% free, and it doesn’t require any email signups, software downloads, or other obstacles. It’s fast, easy to use, and can do as many conversions as you need!