GIF to JPG Converter

Want to grab a still image from an animated GIF? Using this GIF-to-JPG converter, you can turn each frame of a GIF video into a still JPG image!

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GIF Images

Files ending in .gif are images. The GIF format is versatile because it can be used for non-animated or animated graphics. However, because it is limited to just 256 colors, GIFs are not used much for photographs. They do work well for graphics, logos, icons, and other simple imagery. Over time, however, the GIF has become popular for sharing short video clips and animated graphics. GIFs can also be looped, which makes them ideal for placement on web pages. The compression algorithm for GIFs is lossless, which means compressing GIFs does not degrade image quality.

GIF to JPG Conversion

Grabbing a screenshot from an animated GIF can be tricky. You need to time your screenshot just right or risk missing it. Thankfully, there is a much easier way! You can use our GIF-to-JPG conversion tool to turn each video frame into a still image. You can then pick the best frame and save it, share it, upload it, or whatever you might need! Simply upload one or more GIF videos, and our server will supply you with a JPG for each video frame. There are no watermarks, and you don’t need to give over your email address. The service is completely free, too! Feel free to convert as many GIFs as you need. Just keep in mind that long GIFs will create a lot of JPGs, so try to upload the shortest version of a GIF you can find to avoid the hassle of parsing through hundreds of images.