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Files ending in .jif are raster images. JIFs are saved using the same compression algorithm as JPGs. In a way, the JIF is a precursor to the JPG, which has become the most popular image format in the world. Nowadays, most programs, cameras, and smartphones will save to JPG by default, but many systems still support reading and even creating JIFs. It is also easy to convert JIF to JPG, which can be helpful if you need to share or upload a JIF, but that file format isn’t supported by the recipient.

JIF to JPG Conversion

Although people around the world use JPGs every day, they might not be familiar with an early precursor: the JIF. The JPG format has mostly superseded the JIF, pushing the latter into a state of general obscurity. This could cause problems if you’re sharing a JIF, as your recipient may not know what it is. If that happens, they might not open the file or, even worse, think it’s a virus. To avoid this, the easiest thing to do is convert JIF to JPG. That way, your recipient will know what they’ve received and how to open it. Our totally free browser-based tool can handle these conversions for you. It can convert as many JIFs as you need and can do it without watermarks, software downloads, or you needing to hand over your email or other personal information. Just upload, convert, download, and enjoy!