JPG to HEIC Converter

Shrink your JPG files without any loss of perceptible quality using our JPG-to-HEIC converter! This will turn your images into the default image format used by iPhones.

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HEIC Images

Files ending in .heic are image files. One HEIC file can contain one or many images. HEIC files are sometimes labeled as HEIF files, although HEIF is a storage format and HEIC is an image format that uses HEIF. Regardless, the two terms have become somewhat interchangeable. HEIC is positioned as a better alternative to the JPG format because it can store higher-quality images with smaller file sizes. HEIC images are most commonly created by iPhones and iPads because Apple moved those devices to this standard in 2017.

JPG to HEIC Conversion

Modern iPhones use an image format called HEIC. When compared to other image formats, HEIC offers higher-quality imagery at smaller file sizes. If you have some JPG images you want to shrink but not reduce in quality, the HEIC format is a good place to start! Our 100% free conversion tool can handle the task of converting JPG to HEIC for you quickly and easily. All you need to do is upload one or more JPGs, and our server will instantly copy them into HEIC files. Keep in mind that not many sites and apps accept HEIC uploads, so we’d advise holding onto your JPG copies just in case. Regardless, it doesn’t cost anything to perform these transfers, and there are no timers or quantity limits. There will not be any watermarks on your images, either. Get started converting today!