JP2 to JPG Converter

Your JPEG 2000 images won’t open in many different programs. Use our JP2-to-JPG converter to change them into a format that is more common and sees more support!

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JP2 Images

Files ending in .jp2 are raster images encoded in the JPEG 2000 format. The biggest difference between JP2 and a traditional JPG is that JPEG 2000 images can be compressed using lossy or lossless methods. Lossless means compression does not degrade image quality at all, which is something that can’t be said about JPGs, which inherently use lossy compression. This makes JP2 an ideal format for high-quality imagery, including medical scans, cinema, broadcast media, and more. Of course, with lossless compression, JP2 files tend to have much larger file sizes when compared to JPGs.

JP2 to JPG Conversion

There are quite a few advantages to using the JP2 format. For example, it’s commonly used for medical images and digital cinema. However, the major disadvantage to JPEG 2000 images is that they won’t open in all programs. The easiest solution to this problem is to convert JP2 to JPG! Pretty much every operating system and piece of image software will open a JPG without any additional tweaks, making it one of the best formats for imagery. Thankfully, JP2 files share much in common with JPG files, so the conversion is a snap. Our 100% free converter can create JPG copies of your JP2 files without watermarks or any other modifications. Just upload some JP2s and watch as our system instantly converts them! Then you can download your images for uploading or sharing anywhere.