JPG to TIFF Converter

Convert JPG to TIFF using our fast and free converter! This tool can turn one image into one TIFF, many images into many TIFFs, or many images into one TIFF.

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TIFF Images

Files ending in .tiff are raster image files. Sometimes, the file format can be “.tif,” but the formats are the same. Fundamentally, there aren’t too many differences between TIFFs and other raster image formats, such as JPG or PNG. The big difference is that TIFFs can contain multiple images, which JPGs and PNGs can’t do. This makes TIFFs ideal for sharing many high-quality images in one file. Most image editing software natively supports TIFFs, such as Adobe Photoshop. However, it is easy to convert TIFFs to other formats if necessary.

JPG to TIFF Conversion

The TIFF format is very useful because you can include more than one image in a single file. This is something other prominent image formats can’t do, including JPG, PNG, and GIF. If you have some JPG images and want to convert them to TIFF, it’s easy to do using our free converter! This browser-based tool can perform three types of conversions: one JPG to one TIFF, many JPGs to multiple TIFFs, or many JPGs to one TIFF. You can choose how you want to convert your files once you’ve uploaded them. There are no watermarks with this free service, and you don’t need to download any software, give us your email, or deal with any timers or quantity limits. Convert your JPGs now and take advantage of the versatile TIFF!