JPG to EPS Converter

You can easily convert your raster-based images into vector-based images with our JPG-to-EPS converter! It’s fast, free, and easy enough that anyone can do it.

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EPS Images

Files ending in .eps are compound image files. This is an old format first developed in the 80s. The intent was to have a PostScript image file that also supported a low-resolution preview — like a thumbnail. This would enable designers to easily see a preview of an image in various programs. However, due to vulnerabilities in the format, it has fallen out of favor. Microsoft Office, for example, hasn’t supported EPS files since 2018. PDFs would be a suitable replacement for an EPS file, and converting EPS to PDF is easy to do.

JPG to EPS Conversion

Raster-based images look great and load quickly on the internet. However, they aren’t great for printing because if you make a raster image larger, it loses visual quality. Vector-based images don’t have this issue — you can make them as big as you want, and they always look the same. Thankfully, you can easily convert raster to vector with our JPG-to-EPS converter! This free browser-based tool takes a JPG and turns it into an EPS file within just a few seconds. Do keep in mind that photographs and other highly-detailed graphics won’t convert to vector images very well. This conversion tool is best for simple graphics, icons, logos, etc. Regardless, our tool is completely free to use and doesn’t require any software downloads, so feel free to use it as much as you need!