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Files ending in .psd are design files created with Adobe Photoshop. While most PSDs contain images such as photographs, they can also be graphics, design layers, or simply annotations. PSD is the default format for Photoshop files and is proprietary in nature. However, you can open PSDs with other non-Adobe programs, including those from Corel and the popular GIMP software. It is also easy to convert PSDs to many other formats, including JPG. Note that a PSD can only be up to 30,000 pixels in height or width and less than 2GB in size.

PSD to JPG Conversion

When you create a project in Adobe Photoshop, it saves by default in the PSD format. This is a useful format for graphic designers, photographers, and other creatives. However, it’s not a useful format for uploading and sharing those images on the internet. First, not many sites and apps will accept PSD uploads, and second, not many people can open PSD files without Photoshop installed. This all means you should convert PSD to JPG before you share any of your designs, and our free conversion service can handle this task for you! There’s no email signup, no downloads, and no watermarks. You simply upload a PSD file and watch as our server instantly changes it into a JPG. You then download and share or upload the new image. It’s fast, free, and easy, and you can perform as many conversions as needed!