PPT to JPG Converter

Turn your PowerPoint presentation into a series of JPGs using our PPT-to-JPG converter! Each slide becomes one JPG, and doing the conversion won’t cost you anything.

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PPT Files

Files ending in .ppt are a collection of slides to be used as a slideshow. PPT files were probably created in early versions of Microsoft PowerPoint, specifically those pre-2004. However, other programs can create PPT files, too. These are binary-based files and have been superseded by PPTX, which is an XML-based format that is superior to and more versatile than PPT. All versions of PowerPoint can open PPT files, but PowerPoint software from 2004 forward saves in PPTX by default. Generally, saving slideshows to PPT is not recommended as PPTX is superior in every way.

PPT to JPG Conversion

If you’re going to share your PowerPoint presentation with someone, you can go ahead and send them the raw PPT file. However, if you do that, you run the risk of them not being able to open it if they don’t have the necessary software. To avoid this, you could convert PPT to JPG and send your slide deck as a series of images instead! JPG files open on all smartphones, laptops, tablets, and computers without fail, so you know your recipient will be able to see each slide. Our conversion system can perform this task for you quickly and easily for free. All you need to do is upload your PPT file, and the server will convert each slide into one image. You can then download all the images and share them wherever necessary. Don’t worry: there are no watermarks or email sign-up requirements.