JPG Converter

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Convert to JPG

JPG Converter provides convenient ways of converting contents of different formats into JPG images - one of the most popular digital photography formats on the Internet. Using Lossy Compression algorithms JPG produces compact images and reduces image size. Using the JPG Converter tool you can convert documents of different formats such as SVG, PNG, PSD, NEF, JP2, JIF, JFIF, PPTX, TIFF, WebP, etc.

The steps to convert files into JPG are surprisingly easy, all you need to do is to pick your document format and upload the document to the server by clicking the upload button. The JPG Converter tool will automatically convert the file into JPG Format and make it available for download. You can then simply click the download button and get it to your computer. You can also upload multiple files at once. JPG Converter will create a queue and start converting all the files into JPG using background processes. Once it finishes the conversion you can download all the files together in a single click!

Convert from JPG to Other Formats

JPG Converter also provides various tools to convert JPG files into different file formats. Currently, it supports eleven file formats including BMP, EPS, GIF, HEIC, ICO, PDF, PNG, PSD, SVG, TIFF and WebP.

The conversion process is simple and can be done in a few clicks. The first step is uploading the file to the server. You can upload single or multiple files whichever you need. Once you upload your files the JPG Converter tool will immediately start the conversion one by one. You can download all the converted files by clicking the “Download all” button.

Compress JPG Images

You can compress your JPG images using the compression feature of JPG Converter. Unoptimized JPG images can become large in size and slow down the loading speed of websites by a magnitude of factor. It also costs additional server bandwidth for the extra size.

JPG Converter uses an advanced compression algorithm to get rid of unwanted pixels from the JPG images which greatly reduces the size of the JPG image. The steps to compress JPG images are similar to the other features described above. Users must upload the JPG files first. Once the upload is finished the tool will start compressing the JPGs one by one. And after the task is completed you can download all the compressed JPG files in one go by clicking “Download All”.