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BMP Images

Files ending in .bmp are bitmap images. These are raster-based images, meaning they are made up of a grid of colored or monochrome pixels. BMP images are very similar to JPG (or JPEG) images in this way. However, BMP files are generally preferred for preserving large amounts of pixel data in an uncompressed format, while JPGs are compressed automatically. This usually makes BMPs files larger than similar-quality JPGs. BMP files can still be compressed if needed, however. Bitmap images are in a well-documented open format, making them popular for programs and operating systems.

BMP to JPG Conversion

The BMP image file format is very popular but has a significant problem: uploads. Many websites, apps, and other systems out there just don’t accept BMP uploads. In those cases, the easiest solution is to convert BMP to JPG! Almost every app out there will accept JPGs if they accept any image uploads, so performing these conversions assures you that your uploads will work anywhere. Performing this conversion is incredibly simple with our web-based tool. You don’t need to download anything; just upload your BMPs and, within just a few seconds, you’ll have precise copies of those images in the JPG format. You can then download them and use them wherever you like. There is no limit to the number of conversions you can do, so feel free to repeat these steps with your entire collection!