CR3 to JPG Converter

Use this CR3-to-JPG conversion tool to turn your raw image files into a smaller format. This is perfect for people looking to share their raw images on the internet.

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CR3 Images

Files ending in .cr3 are raw images captured using a Canon camera. This is the latest raw format from Canon and is supported by most of its professional gear launched after 2018. The CR3 format is most useful for professional photo editors, giving them access to unprocessed imagery. They can then use this raw information to stylize or otherwise manipulate photos as much as they like. Compared to the older CR2 format, the CR3 format is just as good but with smaller file sizes. You can convert CR3 photos to other formats, making them easier to share.

CR3 to JPG Conversion

Canon cameras are highly regarded within the pro photography industry. Modern Canon gear shoots raw files using the CR3 format. This is a great format, but it has some significant problems, the biggest being that the files are enormous. If you want to share those files online, you’ll need to convert them first, and that’s exactly what our CR3-to-JPG tool does! This tool is free for all to use and doesn’t require any downloads. It also doesn’t watermark images or ask you to give over any identifying information. Just upload, convert, and enjoy your new JPGs! If you have a lot of images you need to convert, our tool can help with that, too. There is no limit to the number of conversions you can perform, so you could feasibly transfer an entire collection.